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Author Demur Rumed
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Date 2016-05-26.01:44:22
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This is a small change to comprehensions pass in their iterable rather than calling GET_ITER before CALL_FUNCTION. This makes it so that the compiler never generates GET_ITER without following it with FOR_ITER, nor does it generate FOR_ITER without preceding it by GET_ITER

This is the standalone portion of a more constructive patch I'm wanting to submit: Replace GET_ITER with a FOR_BEGIN which effectively acts as GET_ITER/FOR_ITER. Then modify FOR_ITER to replace the JUMP_ABSOLUTE by changing it to a JABS instruction which jumps if the iterator does not return null. This reduces the bytecode of by 2 bytes for every for loop & reduces the dispatch count per loop by 1 (As we merge GET_ITER/FOR_ITER & JUMP_ABSOLUTE/FOR_ITER)
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