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Attached are my current renames, with just a few changes from before  Most are lower case versions of the current names, perhaps shortened.  I expect names with '_' to disappear in future file merges.  I may change 'outwin' before 3.6 is released.

The biggest changes are the 3 xyzBindings files.  In tk, bind methods connect an event to an event handler. defines the menu of the main windows, and the associated pseudoevents, but not the event bindings.  Hence, 'mainmenu'.  (I considered just 'menu', but 'menu' is used as a local name in multiple places.)  The other two may have bindings, but that is a fairly trivial implementatin detail and I would rather have name that reflect what the files do or implement.  If 'iomenu' is expanded to implement more of the file menu, I may rename it 'filemenu' or 'files'.

I have an independent clone of 3.6 with no connection to my normal working repositories.  We can discuss squashing commits or not when I am ready to push.

Al's 'idle_updating_imports.patch' missed a couple of renames in comments, but its code changes seem complete and correct as of a year ago.  (The main change is replacing some code with the new It will be very useful.  I replaced his new names with mine with a short program and expect only a couple of chunks to fail.
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