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Author abarry
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Date 2016-05-17.02:55:20
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I realize that I haven't given any update on this since my last patch. I figured that trying to detect when an arbitrary number of functions call each other in a convoluted call chain isn't a very good idea.

Not only is it way beyond my abilities, but I think it'll overcomplicate the code too much. Furthermore, the way Python/traceback.c (and, coincidentally, Lib/ is done - print each frame as they come and then throw it away - means that remembering more than the last frame needs a refactor of both files. This is way out of the scope of this issue, which aims to solve the common cases (a typo when messing around in the REPL, __getattribute__ and __getattr__ are what get me the most).

I think that if the idea of keeping a track of multiple frames still flies, it should be a separate issue - probably after yet another issue proposing to refactor the files for that, but I'm dropping the idea.

Except for the ambigous message, I haven't seen any comments on any of my patches, which I take as a very good thing. Is there anything else preventing this from being merged?

TL;DR - Ping
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