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hi Terry,  thanks for all the responses.

Well, what *I* found maddening was that typing  "os." pause "g" works but typing  "os.g" (with no pause) does nothing. :)  But, anyway, I guess you're saying that that's as designed.

>The list is not supposed to shrink. Having everything disappear on a typo would not seem good to me.

   Actually, I think that many widgets do work that way, but I think that, here, I agree with you, since the user might notice a nearby entry which is what they wanted.

What about my "b)" (copied just below)?  Is there a reason not to autocomplete what's on the command line, as is done if you *arrow* to a selection?  Again, not nearly as big an issue as the original hang but I can't think of a reason not to autocomplete in this case, and the code to do so must already exist. 

 b) say I want os.get_terminal_size.  I type "os." and wait for the popup to appear (see 'c)' for why this is necessary); then I type 'get_t".   Now  "get_terminal_size" is visible and selected but autocompletion doesn't occur.  I.E., I still have 'os.get_t" below the popup.  To get the full word I have to arrow *away* from the correct answer and then arrow back to it.  Now "get_terminal_size" appears below the popup.  This is obviously less serious, and less mysterious, than the original hang issue, but it's still a usability issue.
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