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Author khepri
Date 2005-12-21.05:28:13
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VS2005 is out, and this bug still occurs in the release
version (of both Python and VS2005). Is there any workaround
for this? I can't see any being posted, and I replaced my
system-wide compiler. It wouldn't exactly be feasible to
accept the basic binary distribution or 'downgrade' my
compiler in any event (Python has library binary
compatibility problems in a wide variety of cases with
external programs/libraries). Is Python's official stance to
still pretend that VS2005 doesn't exist?

And while it's probable that this violates standard (what
compiler/library doesn't nowadays? *bleh*), and the
'deprecation warnings' get on nerves, this causes Python to
crash "for no good reason" when compiled with it.
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