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Author loewis
Date 2005-10-11.23:36:13
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Re: this should be fixed: It certainly should (but doing so
is less important than fixing problems which affect the
actual distribution).

Re: Conformance with ISO C. "implementation-defined" is not
"undefined". Implementation-defined behaviour must be within
the specified behaviour, chosing one of possible
alternatives. The alternative to chose is the specific set
of signals to support. For unsupported signals, the quoted
text specifies:

"If the request can be honored, the signal function returns
the value of func for the most recent call to signal for the
specified signal sig .  Otherwise, a value of SIG_ERR is
returned and a positive value is stored in errno ."

So if signal() would return SIG_ERR, this would be
conformant. If execution would be aborted, this would not be
conformant. Unfortunately, this report does not tell which
of these it is: it only says "performs strict checking of
parameters", without saying what the effect of this checking
is. "leads to a the crash" suggests that there is a crash of
some kind, though.

Re: no AMD64 compiler prior to VS2005: this is not true.
AMD64 compilers are available as part of the current
platform SDK as available to MSDN subscribers (not through
the free SDK download), and also reportedly available as
part of the DDK.
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