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Date 2016-04-21.19:07:41
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Content describes the 'I' and 'i' typecodes as being minimum-size in bytes of 2. The interpreter disagrees:

>>> import array
>>> a = array.array('i')
>>> a.itemsize

There is also a bug with the 'L' and 'l' long typecodes, which document as min-size of 4 bytes but are 8 bytes in the interpreter. That could be a bug in cPython itself though, as if 'L' should be 8 bytes, that disagrees with the type code sizing from the struct module, where it is 4 bytes, just like integers.

I checked documentation for all versions of python and it matches -- I did not check all python interpreters to see they match, but 2.7 and 3.5 did.
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