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Author vstinner
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Date 2016-04-19.10:47:41
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I ran again timeit microbenchmarks with CPU isolation on dict_version-8.patch, minimum of 10 runs.

-m timeit 'd={1: 0}; d[2]=0; d[3]=0; d[4]=0; del d[1]; del d[2]; d.clear()'

* Original: 287 ns
* Version: 289 ns (+2 ns, +0.7%)

-m timeit 'd={i:i for i in range(2**16)}' 'for i in range(2**16): d[i]=i-1' 'for i in range(2**16): d[i]=i+1' 'for i in range(2**15): del d[i]' 'd.clear()'

* Original: 21.2 msec
* Version: 21.4 msec (+0.2 ms, +0.9%)
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