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On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 08:39:20AM +0000, Alecsandru Patrascu wrote:
> @Stefan and @Marc, you say that people don't want to wait for PGO to build when running ./configure && make, but why? Even though many developers use it, this mode is not intended for development, it is production level and should be run once (or at leas a limited number or times), when the developers are sure that everything is fine in the debug mode. As Victor previously said, we should have all the *good* stuff (PGO, LTO, etc) enabled by default, regardless the time needed to do it.

I use it all the time in development:

  - For running math tests that would be too slow otherwise.

  - To diagnose invalid accesses that only occur with -O2.

  - To speed up Valgrind runs.
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