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> Victor went with a different solution in f682b620c64d.

Oh sorry, I wasn't aware of this old issue. My motivation was to get ride of the deprecated imp module, this script looks to be the latest part of the Python which uses the imp module (except of deliberate unit tests on the imp module).

> f682b620c64d looks incorrect to me. It makes to use the opcode module of Python that executes the script. Instead the script should use the opcode module from the same source tree as the script.

Ah, this was unclear to me. It looks overcomplicated code to just import a module. Can't we simply use import, but ensure that the running python executable belongs to the current source tree?

Or does it matter to be able to use an external python program?

> I think f682b620c64d should be reverted.

Don't hesitate to rework the code to importlib if you want to ensure that Lib/ is imported.

But please don't revert the whole change, I changed other things.
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