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Date 2005-11-15.11:39:03
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Please consider these points as well:

* The "program files" directory has "sensible" ACLs set by
default (the defaults are different in different OS
versions). If you install your application under "program
files", you do not need to worry about the permissions.

* The installation directory can be added to the PATH
environment variable instead of typing it every time from

* The current default installation directory is teaching
python library developers bad habits of not handling Python
installed into a directory that contains spaces properly. It
is actually a miracle to find a third party library that
installs a working script (batch file) to "python/scripts"
if the python directory contains spaces.

* The "program files" directory is the standard location
where applications should be installed in Windows. This is
what Microsoft requires in their guidelines and most
applications obey them. You would not install python to
"/python24" by default in Unix would you?

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