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Author martin.panter
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Date 2016-03-19.00:33:05
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Summary of the work here as I pass through :)

Files already done:
    Objects/memoryobject.c: converted to signatures without Arg Clinic (Py 3.5)
    Modules/_opcode.c: Issue 19674 (3.4). Only one function I can see there (Larry’s original post says two sites).
    Modules/_io/_iomodule.c: part of Georg’s modules_issue20186.patch, but already handled in Issue 20175 (3.5)

Files being worked on:
    Modules/_operator.c: patch by Tal, ready for commit?
    Modules/_lsprof.c: Georg’s modules_issue20186.patch
    Modules/_heapqmodule.c: restored Georg’s patch; looks like he meant to add it to the main patch but it got lost
    Objects/enumobject.c: patch by Tal
    Modules/symtablemodule.c: Georg’s modules_issue20186.patch
    Modules/mathmodule.c: patch by Tal
    Modules/_tracemalloc.c: modules_issue20186.patch; needs update from review comments
    Modules/_csv.c: modules_issue20186.patch; couple of review comments

That leaves the following files from OP:
    Objects/tupleobject.c: 2 sites
    Objects/descrobject.c: 2 sites
    Objects/complexobject.c: 2 sites
    Objects/weakrefobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/structseq.c: 1 sites
    Objects/rangeobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/object.c: 1 sites
    Objects/moduleobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/funcobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/fileobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/codeobject.c: 1 sites
    Objects/boolobject.c: 1 sites
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