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Author Josh Snider
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Date 2016-03-16.23:28:10
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replace_interleave in Objects/bytesobject.c and Objects/bytearrayobject.c can be optimized for the special case where the interleaving byte string is a single character.

Here's some quick results from timeit showing that it's about three times faster for the special case.
* Before (cold start):
>>> timeit.timeit('(b"x" * 2000000).replace(b"", b".")', number=1000)
* After (cold start):
>>> timeit.timeit('(b"x" * 2000000).replace(b"", b".")', number=1000)

For the non-special case, running timeit.timeit('(b"x" * 2000000).replace(b"", b".0")', number=10000) takes ~173 seconds on both versions.
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