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Date 2016-03-14.22:27:50
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Thanks for you work Xavier. Making it conditional on cross compilation is another approach I hadn’t thought of. But I am a bit worried at the new makefile syntax [ifeq directive and $(findstring) function]. I suspect it is Gnu specific, and that Python tries to support other versions of Make as well. Koobs: does Free BSD accept this makefile syntax?

Much as I hate the stuff, I guess it could be used to enable and disable conditional stuff in the makefile, so that might be another option.

Whatever the end solution is, I think we need a big comment in the makefile pointing out the quirks and different people’s interests:

* Reliable way to update generated files when necessary
* Shared prerequisites unsafe with recursive concurrent $(MAKE)
* Reasons to avoid regenerating files (not out of date, cross compilation, less build steps and prerequisites; see python-dev)
* Building with read-only sources (see revision 67ed8a6905c3, then r87558)
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