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cryptography: good

* Git commit 0681de7241dcbaec7b3dc85d3cf3944e4bec8309 (Mar 9 2016)

"4 failed, 77064 passed, 3096 skipped in 405.09 seconds" 

1 error is related to the version number (probably an issue on how I run the tests), 3 errors are FileNotFoundError related to cryptography_vectors. At least, there is no Python fatal error related to memory allocators ;-)


Hum, just in case, I checked my venv:

(ENV) haypo@smithers$ python -c 'import _testcapi; _testcapi.pymem_api_misuse()'
Fatal Python error: bad ID: Allocated using API 'o', verified using API 'r'

(ENV) haypo@smithers$ python -c 'import _testcapi; _testcapi.pymem_buffer_overflow()'
Fatal Python error: bad trailing pad byte

It works ;-)
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