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I guess I should be more specific about the 12factor thing I just mentioned, because says:

A twelve-factor app never concerns itself with routing or storage of its output stream. It should not attempt to write to or manage logfiles. Instead, each running process writes its event stream, unbuffered, to stdout. During local development, the developer will view this stream in the foreground of their terminal to observe the app’s behavior.

The part that I want to be configurable is what the log levels are for various loggers.

For example, in production, you probably want most or all of your loggers set to WARN or such.

When running in development, ideally the developer can turn on more verbose logging without having to edit config files.


This is a Pyramid application, but environment variables of course could be used with any kind of application -- Django, etc.

LOGGER_ANWEB_LEVEL=debug pserve app.ini
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