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"Hi, Could anyone help here to identify in which Python release the bug is fixed. I am unable to deduce from the bug tracker interface in which release this issue is fixed."

Oh, this is an old issue :-)

msg123946: "r87233 fixes the OSError escaping from wait() issue when SIGCLD is set to be ignored.  (to appear in 3.2beta1; it is a candidate for backporting to 3.1 and 2.7)"

msg123951: "sorry, i meant 3.2beta2 above.
release27-maint: r87234 targeting 2.7.2
release31-maint: r87235 targeting 3.1.4"

=> the fix is in Python 2 >= 2.7.2, Python 3.1 >= v3.1.4,  Python 3 >= 3.2.4.

I hope that you are using a more recent Python version than these versions :-)
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