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Date 2016-02-07.09:42:55
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The ABI matching looks wrong to me. If I am looking for a 32-bit library, won’t it incorrectly catch the wrong path in the following “ldconfig -p” output:

'\ (libc6,x86-64, OS ABI: Linux 2.6.32) => /usr/lib/\n'
'\ (libc6, OS ABI: Linux 2.6.32) => /usr/lib32/\n'

Perhaps the abi_type check needs to be moved in front of the path name extraction.

For the version, I would put 3.6. Since this changes documented behaviour and has the potential to break compatibilty, it is best not to change it in a bug fix release. (3.5 has already been released.)

The problem with the test() function in ctypes.util is that it is not run by the main Python regression test suite. The tests under ctypes/test/ are run by the test suite.
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