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Date 2016-02-03.19:01:49
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>  the default branch never got any NEWS entry in 
> 58266f5101cc, so maybe it needs to be added?

No need for a news entry in default.  We haven't released 3.6 yet, so the bugfix from 3.5 is just a carry forward of the corrected behavior.  That isn't news ;-)

> revision 0731f097157b didn’t actually merge the 3.5 
> branch (It only had one parent)

I'm not sure I see what was missed here (I am not a mercurial jedi).  My 3.5 checkout shows the change and so does the 3.6.   What needs to be done at this point ?

> This isn't new feature, this is just a bugfix, old behavior
> obviously was incorrect. We don't add the versionchanged 
> directive for every bugfix.

I concur with Serhiy.
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