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Date 2016-01-31.10:05:15
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The code output toggle button (the `>>>` button on the top right) has been disappeared and not functional on the current online documentation (both 3.4+ and 2.7). 

For example, see any doc page that has interpreter outputs:

These toggle buttons are created dynamically using jQuery by the script at Doc/tools/static/copybutton.js. However, the method .toggle() it used for click event handling has been deprecated since jQuery 1.8 and removed since jQuery 1.9.

Current Python documentation ships with jQuery v1.11.1 and it has a new .toggle() method with totally different behavior, which controls animation and hide the element. Therefore those buttons are invisible and has no effect.

To achieve the old behavior, one now needs to create this toggle event on one's own. The most popular way to store the toggle state is by jQuery's .data() data storage.

A patch is attached to make the button functional again.
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