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Date 2016-01-20.18:26:25
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Expected behavior:
  Calling Py_BuildValue with a 'N' argument should take ownership of the N object, and on failure (returns NULL), call Py_DECREF() on any N argument.  The documentation explicitly says that this is the intended usage:
    "N": Same as "O", except it doesn't increment the reference count on the object. Useful when the object is created by a call to an object constructor in the argument list.

Actual behavior:
  N objects appear to be abandoned/leaked in some cases.

Example: PyBuildValue("iN", 0, obj);

* calls _Py_BuildValue_SizeT via macro
* calls va_build_value (in modsupport.c)
* calls do_mktuple [0]
* [0] first calls v = PyTuple_New(n=2). If this fails, it returns NULL, leaking obj.
* if [0] creates the tuple v, then it goes on to populate the values in the tuple.
* [0] calls do_mkvalue() to create the "i=0" object.  If this fails, obj is never Py_DECREF()'ed.

Many other leaks are possible, as long as at least one allocation occurs prior to the processing of the N arguments.
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