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Author takluyver
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Date 2016-01-17.10:48:44
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zipinfo-from-file.patch has an orthogonal but related change: the code in ZipFile.write() to construct a ZipInfo object from a filesystem file is pulled out to a classmethod ZipInfo.from_file().

Together, these changes make it much easier to control how a file is written to a zip file, like this:

zi = ZipInfo.from_file(blah)
# ... manipulate zi...
with open(blah, 'rb') as src,, 'w') as dest:
    # copy of the read/write loop - maybe this should be
    # pulled out separately as well?

If these changes make it in, I might put a backported copy of the module on PyPI so I can start using it without waiting for Python 3.6.
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