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Date 2016-01-15.17:54:04
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Attached is a first go at a patch enabling, mode='w')

Files must be written sequentially, so you have to close one writing handle before opening another. If you try to open a second one before closing the first, it will raise RuntimeError. I considered doing something where it would write to temporary files and add them to the zip file when they were closed, but it seemed like a bad idea.

You can almost certainly break this by reading from a zip file while there's an open writing handle. Resolving this is tricky because there's a disconnect in the requirements for reading and writing: writing allows for a non-seekable output stream, but reading assumes that you can seek freely. The simplest fix is to block reading while there is an open file handle. I don't think many people will need to read one file from a zip while writing another, anyway.

I have used the lock, but I haven't thought carefully about thread safety, so that should still be checked carefully.
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