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Date 2016-01-15.00:05:38
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In the 3.3 branch, I got a failure in test_ssl.ThreadedTests.test_dh_params(): “SSLError: [SSL] dh key too small (_ssl.c:548)”. But the failure also happens in the revision before my merge, so I think it must be a separate problem.

Also, I am seeing Windows 7+ buildbots are failing the new version of test_connect_ex_error(). On Linux, connecting to gives EHOSTUNREACH, but it seems we get ETIMEDOUT on Windows:

AssertionError: 10060 not found in (10061, 10065, 10035)

I will update the test to check for that error code as well, since all it really needs to test is that _some_ sensible error code is returned.
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