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Date 2016-01-13.20:56:51
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Based on the data-model documentation ( and the dotted lookup behavior, the follow definitions are correct:

"If the descriptor defines __set__() and/or __delete__(), it is a data descriptor; if it defines neither, it is a non-data descriptor."

def has_data_descriptor_attrs(obj):
    return set(['__set__', '__delete__']) & set(dir(obj))

def is_data_descriptor(obj):
    return bool(has_data_descriptor_attrs(obj))

However, the inspect module has the following, which is also reflected in the descriptor how-to (

"If an object defines both __get__() and __set__(), it is considered a data descriptor."

def isdatadescriptor(object):
    """Return true if the object is a data descriptor.

    Data descriptors have both a __get__ and a __set__ attribute..."""
    if isclass(object) or ismethod(object) or isfunction(object):
        # mutual exclusion
        return False
    tp = type(object)
    return hasattr(tp, "__set__") and hasattr(tp, "__get__")

I'm willing to sign a contributor release and fix myself.
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