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Author yselivanov
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Date 2015-12-16.23:53:22
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> OK, but only for await (not for yield from).

Sure, generators will stay untouched (I'll even add a unittest for that, if we don't have it).

> It should always be valid to create a new coroutine instance. Perhaps you meant:

Correct, Martin, great that you've noticed that!

I'll duplicate the fixed code:

async def coroutine():
    return 123
coro = coroutine()

# In Python 3.5.1:
print(await coro)   # will print 123
print(await coro)   # prints None
print(await coro)   # prints None

# What we want in Python 3.5.2
print(await coro)   # will print 123
print(await coro)   # raises RuntimeError
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