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Author Alexander Riccio
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Date 2015-12-16.00:12:35
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This issue is related to Issue25847.

Compiling at /W4 is generally a good idea. It's an industry best practice, and even though I don't expect disagreement, I'll throw in a few coding standard links: I was surprised to discover that the Windows build of CPython compiles at /W3!

Bumping it up to /W4 produces ~9,000 warnings (up from ~20).

The patch that I'll include with this issue (first iteration) bumps the warning level up to /W4, and I've disabled warnings that (appear) aren't useful. That suppresses ~8,000 of those warnings.

The patch isn't quite yet perfect, as Visual Studio made changes that I didn't ask for, such as:

-    <ClCompile Include="..\PC\bdist_wininst\extract.c">
+    <ClCompile Include="extract.c">

...but that's about it. I had to use `hg diff -w`, because Visual Studio also decided to change the spacing in all of the .vcxproj files.
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