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Date 2015-12-12.19:28:08
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Interestingly, co_filename is not used as part of the equivalence criteria, so code object equivalence can be fooled across multiple input files.  Fortunately in this case, the false equivalence isn't relied on by the code generator.

  $ cat
  def f():
      return 1

  $ cat
  def f():
      return 1.0

  $ ./python.exe -q
  >>> import a, b
  >>> a.f.__code__ == b.f.__code__  # False equivalence
  >>> a.f()
  >>> b.f()                         # Generated code is correct

Besides aliasing int/float/decimal/fraction/complex/bool, codeobj.__eq__() can also alias str/unicode on Python 2.7.  Likewise, 0.0 and -0.0 can be conflated.  NaNs don't seem to be a problem.

I think we should focus on fixing the spec for code object equivalents.  Perhaps the test can be simplified to use (co_firstlineno, co_firstrowno, co_filename).
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