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00141-fix-tests_with_COUNT_ALLOCS-v5.patch: please don't do that! It makes tests much more verbose for a compilation option which is hidden and probably almost never used in the wild. The option has no configuration option for example.

*If* you really want to keep the feature, I would prefer to make it more visible (add a configuration option) and disable the output at exit by default. It's better to add a new "-X showcountallocs" as it was done with "-X showrefcount". Before, we had to fix a lot of unit tests (as 00141-fix-tests_with_COUNT_ALLOCS-v5.patch) to strip the "[xxx refs]" from stderr, it was very annoying.

"Python 3.4 now has sys.getallocatedblocks() and a new tracemalloc module which are compiled by default."

IMHO these two debug features superseded COUNT_ALLOCS. Please try to convince me of the use case of this very old debug feature.
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