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The reason why I prefer the current API over my support.expected_module_api() idea is it requires the extra assertCountEqual() boilerplate at each call site.

Jacek’s three patches look ready to me. I propose:

1. Commit Issue23883_support_check__all__.v6.patch to 3.6, which everything else depends on.

2. Commit Issue23883_test_gettext.v3.patch to 3.6. (Andrew Kuchling’s original gettext.__all__ fix was made in 3.4 and 2.7 as well, but we would have to backport the support function, or rewrite the test, to apply this to earlier branches.)

3. Commit Issue23883_all.v6.patch to 3.6 only to limit the chance of breaking existing code.

4. Rewrite Mauro SM Rodrigues’s issue23883_fileinput.patch to use support.check__all__().

5. Update Joel Taddei’s Issue23883_tarfile_all.patch and Issue23883_calendar_all.patch for support.check__all__() and addressing review comments.

6. Work on the remaining modules, probably in a separate issue to keep things under control. According to my calculations these modules are: cgi, configparser, doctest, http.cookies, mailbox, mimetypes, plistlib, pydoc, smtpd, tkinter.ttk, tokenize, xml.etree.ElementTree.

Another question that comes to mind: Should we add anything into What’s New, maybe warning of new symbols from “import *”?
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