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Stefan Krah wrote:
> If anyone worries that "-fp-model strict" will slow
> things down:  In the Python context these settings have
> no measurable impact:  A while ago I tested setting/restoring
> the control word *for every operation*, and even that did
> not have any impact.

If that's the case, would anyone (in particular, Steve, Tim or Tim) mind if we just made the default (for MSVC as well as ICC) /fp:strict?  It would be much easier to just change the global default than to try to either make it settable or to change it just when ICC is used.

As far as the segfault that this issue is actually about, compiling _sre.c with /Os seems to clear it up.  I believe Intel is looking into it deeper to determine whether it's an ICC bug or if there's something we should change in _sre.c.
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