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Date 2015-10-29.15:57:38
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Better, but alas still not quite. On further investigation, the issue is that a new instance of idleConf is instantiated in the subprocess, which then calls mkdtemp() returning a different name. You can see this by doing 'restart shell' and noting that it will hit the warning you added in GetUserCfgDir.

There are multiple places that the subprocess does access preferences, so just eliminating them is probably not the right way to go.

I'd probably recommend that the user prefs dir be communicated to the subprocess somehow. Two suggestions are via adding a command line parameter where we launch the subprocess (build_subprocess_arglist), or have the subprocess get it via 'remotecall' when it starts up (perhaps in MyHandler.handle). Either way this would then need to be communicated to idleConf so it uses that directory.

Would there be a preference and/or any other alternatives?
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