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Author George Prekas
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Date 2015-10-27.15:33:14
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Under Windows, if I do FreeConsole and then with redirected stdin or stdout or stderr, then fails. The only solution is either DO NOT redirect any handle OR to redirect ALL of them. The problem lies in function _get_handles at (Python 2.7.10), which does:
* GetStdHandle
* DuplicateHandle via _make_inheritable.

DuplicateHandle fails if called on stdin, stdout or stderr after FreeConsole.

$ cygstart /mnt/c/utils/Python35/python.exe fails
$ cygstart /mnt/c/utils/Python35/python.exe works1
$ cygstart /mnt/c/utils/Python35/python.exe works2
$ cygstart /mnt/c/utils/Python35/python.exe works3
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