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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2015-10-15.08:05:03
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Proposed patch cleans up and fixes minor bugs in C implementation of OrderedDict.

1. Used the "p" format unit instead of manual calling PyObject_True() for parsing boolean parameters.

2. Used _Py_Identifier private API instead of char* API if appropriate.

3. Used Py_TYPE instead of the __class__ attribute as in other extension types.

4. Fixed od_fast_nodes size calculation in  __sizeof__().

5. Simplified __reduce__() taking into account that __dict__ is empty in C implementation of OrderedDict.

6. popitem() with wrong number of arguments now raises TypeError instead of KeyError for empty dictionary.

7. Python implementation of move_to_end() calls key comparing only once in common case. C implementation called key comparing twice, it first compares a key with first or last key. Now C implementation calls key comparing only once in common case.

8. Used PyUnicode_FromFormat() instead of str.__mod__ in __repr__().

9. update() now takes into account that args and kwargs are always tuple and dict (if not NULL).

10. Got rid of PyMapping_Items() in update(). PyMapping_Items() creates a copy of items as a list, this is not needed.

Also applied other cleanups. The size of sources is decreased by 105 lines.

 Objects/odictobject.c |  194 +-----------------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 111 deletions(-), 77 modifications(!)
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