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Date 2015-10-05.16:55:55
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> Should I add a note to explain why the loop argument has to be explicitly
passed? (there is a note at the beginning of the `task functions` section
stating "In the functions below, the optional loop argument ...")

Oh, that's a good idea. It's sort of clear because it starts with "from a
different thread" but it doesn't hurt to say the same thing in different
ways, because it's an easy mistake to make.

>> What do you need to add to the concurrency and multithreading section?

> This section provides an example to schedule a coroutine from a different
thread using `ensure_future` and `call_soon_threadsafe`. This example
should be replaced with another usage of `call_soon_threadsafe` and another
paragraph about `run_coroutine_threadsafe` should be added.

Oh, yes, definitely update that!

> > I agree on the try/except
> Do you think the exception should be re-raised for the logger?


> > can you add that to the same diff?
> All right, should I make another PR on the asyncio github repo as well?

No, it's easier for me to copy the changes from CPython into the asyncio
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