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Date 2015-09-12.17:36:01
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Yes, Jelle, you are correct in all 3 cases. Remember that the steps are to extract the string from the source code, decode backslash escapes, and only then treat it as an f-string.

For the first case, without the 'f' prefix:
'{ {1: 2\N{RIGHT CURLY BRACKET}[1]}' == '{ {1: 2}[1]}'

Then, applying the 'f':
f'{ {1: 2}[1]}' == '2'.

For the last 2, since they're syntax errors without the 'f', they're also syntax errors with the 'f'.

I'll have a new version, with tests for all of these cases, posted in the next few hours. You can leverage the tests.
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