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Date 2015-09-09.13:07:56
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As mentioned in #24984, I'm making another issue to document the address format for AF_PACKET.  In this case there's already documentation in Modules/socketmodule.c that says:

- an AF_PACKET socket address is a tuple containing a string
  specifying the ethernet interface and an integer specifying
  the Ethernet protocol number to be received. For example:
  ("eth0",0x1234).  Optional 3rd,4th,5th elements in the tuple
  specify packet-type and ha-type/addr.

But nothing has been added to Doc/library/socket.rst .

The documentation needs to be confirmed with the code.  (It probably should be altered somewhat to state how you "specify packet-type and ha-type/addr"...  and maybe what a "ha-type/addr" is...  A quick Google search found this very useful reference: )
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