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On Sep 04, 2015, at 08:55 PM, STINNER Victor wrote:

>Maybe it can be fun to rewrite the module using asyncio, but I'm not
>convinced that a SMTP server in the Python stdlib is super useful.

As I mentioned in issue25008, removing smtpd would be a hardship for myself,
and I don't think I'm alone.  I would however love to have (and maybe even
work on <wink>) an asyncio-based version.  I do think it is useful to have an
SMTP server in the stdlib - and actually, I'd also like to have an LMTP server
there too.  But I think we can take baby steps toward this by some folks
getting together and writing a third party asyncio-based module, releasing
this on PyPI and eventually leading to its inclusion in Python down the road.
I think there's no hurry to remove smtpd, but it can be deprecated-in-place
like optparse, as someone else mentioned.
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