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Left some review comments. But I don’t completely understand the test case. Is it true there are proxies that do not send a HTTP status line (like HTTP/1.0 200 Connection Established), but do sned the rest of the HTTP header section? This is what the test case seems to be modelling:

Client to proxy request:
b"CONNECT foo:80 HTTP/1.0\r\n"

Proxy (plus tunnelled?) response, minus a status line:
b"X-Foo: bar\r\n"
b"hello world"

It seems more likely that the proxies related to this bug are misbehaving, or there is some other network problem. Of the proxies mentioned in this report that are accessible to me, both of them do not appear to accept CONNECT requests at all. As soon as the first CONNECT line is send, a HTML blob saying “400 Bad Request” is received, without any HTTP header at all.
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