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Thanks Raymond. Hi Guido. Sorry about the mess.

My overview of the situation so far, and of the patch currently attached to this bug, is here (and a bit in the next post):

From where I sit this all looks like a massive overreaction/misunderstanding: I introduced a bug, the cause is obvious, and it's straightforward to fix. If we want to fix the bug in the most general manner then that's straightforward but probably more work than we want to do in rc3. If we want to just apply a conservative fix and move on then we have an 8 line patch attached to this bug that does that. Even if we don't apply the patch then there's no security hole, that's just factually incorrect. But it doesn't even matter, because again, we have a patch. If we do apply this patch, then literally the only outcome of all of this will be that __class__ assignment in 3.5 will be (1) less buggy in general, and (2) be allowed, safely, on instances of ModuleType subclasses. I get that the whole concept of __class__ assignment is kinda freaky and unnerving, but I do not understand why some people are insisting that the above needs a PEP...

You know, in fact, note to everyone: I hereby withdraw any suggestion that we might want to "fix" the __class__ assignment code to handle the general case beyond ModuleType. Obviously this is super controversial and distracting for reasons I don't really understand, but I don't have to -- the only reason to brought it up in the first place is out of a vague desire to make Python "better", and frankly all I care about at this point is that I don't want to wait another 2 years before I can safely deprecate module-level constants. So let's just apply the attached patch and move on? Nothing broken, no security hole, nothing to eek about.
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