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Date 2015-08-26.02:01:26
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Please post a 'checkpoint' patch with all changes so far, even though it has the 'other globals' problem.

Then look at the UI parts of It has a Stackviewer class that subclasses ScrolledLIst instead of TreeWidget and a Namespaceviewer class currently used for both locals and globals.

The Namespace class is a frame containing a label (a labeled frame would work as well), a scrollbar, and a canvas containing a frame. The inner frame has a two-column grid: labels with names and entry boxes with values.  Currently, the entry boxes do nothing other than make values look different from names, as editing the entry does nothing. (Ignored entries are a bad UI design.)  Perhaps there was once an intention to propagate changes back to the running program. This would not apply to post-mortem stack viewing.

Starting with the checkpoint patch, I would like to modify Stackviewer to display globals for any item clicked in a separate frame, like Debugger.  This would removing the bug in the checkpoint patch and result in a patch that I might commit.  It would also be a step toward merging (in a new issue).

One possibility is a tree in a new frame.  Another is to import and reuse Debugger.Namespaceviewer.  The issue is whether users should be able to view the attributes of value objects (as in Stackviewer) or not (as in Debugger).  I previously suggested not, because it makes the interface look busy, but I just rediscovered a note based on debugger experience suggesting that it might be a good idea.  Lets start with a second tree.

When waiting for me to respond, you could look at #17942, about improving the command button part of debugger.
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