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Author jgarver
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Date 2015-08-21.12:58:41
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I agree.  I couldn't find a use for the check, so I removed it entirely in the provided patch.  I'm running that way now with success, but of course I'm covering just one use case.

Digging back a bit further, the isdir() check came in here:

And even further, near the beginning of time, we find the original check:

Speculation: In the context of the original code, "directory" in the error message makes more sense and that word should have been dropped when single file support was added.  However, given that we loop over the args, I don't see how -d was limited to a single arg.

With my patch in place, I tested with multiple args and the -d.  It works as expected and contains the -d path.
python -m compileall -d /runtime/path

I'm happy to craft a new patch.  How would you like it?
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