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Date 2015-08-05.12:28:51
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IDLE's in an "interesting" place right now - it isn't showing people Tcl/Tk in its best light, so folks are likely to assume all Tcl/Tk apps necessarily look that way, and it's also using GUI idioms like separate shell and editor windows that don't reflect the conventions of modern IDEs.

For 3.5.1+, I think there's no question that we want to show IDLE in the best possible light, and we want to try to do that by default. That means modernising it to use the best cross-platform features that Tcl/Tk has to offer (including ttk).

However, Ned pointed out that the last PPC-supporting Mac OS X (10.5) has a Tcl/Tk version older than 8.5, and there's the general compatibility risk for breaking extensions with large refactorings, so retaining a "non-ttk mode" will be a valuable approach to the modernisation effort.
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