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the function getargspec was removed but references to it within docstrings remained:

$> git grep getargspec
Doc/library/inspect.rst:   The first four items in the tuple correspond to :func:`getargspec`.
Doc/library/inspect.rst:   :func:`getargspec` or :func:`getfullargspec`.
Doc/whatsnew/3.4.rst::func:`~inspect.getfullargspec` and :func:`~inspect.getargspec`
Doc/whatsnew/3.5.rst:* :func:`inspect.getargspec` is deprecated and scheduled to be removed in
Doc/whatsnew/3.6.rst:* ``inspect.getargspec()`` was removed (was deprecated since CPython 3.0).
Lib/    getargspec(), getargvalues(), getcallargs() - get info about function arguments
Lib/    The first four items in the tuple correspond to getargspec().
Lib/    """Format an argument spec from the values returned by getargspec
Lib/test/ getclasstree, getargspec, getargvalues, formatargspec, formatargvalues,
Misc/NEWS:- Issue #13248: Remove deprecated inspect.getargspec and inspect.getmoduleinfo
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