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Date 2015-07-13.01:52:50
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As a possible starting point for this, I'll point to

Now, I'd expected running that in a process that was *already* running regrtest to fail miserably (it would stomp all over itself).

But what we could potentially do is launch a *clean* subprocess, where the only thing it did was:

    from _testcapi import run_in_subinterp

    regrtest_in_subinterpreter = (
    from test import regrtest

I'd currently expect that to fail as well, but I think the failures might be enlightening :)

I'm also not sure we need to integrate this directly into the main regrtest test runner - it could just be a separate submodule invoked like "python -m test.subinterpretertest".

If we later decided to integrate it, then it could go behind a "-usubinterpreter" resource that invoked "test.subinterpretertest" in a subprocess.
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