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Date 2015-07-07.18:25:40
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On Jul 07, 2015, at 05:59 PM, R. David Murray wrote:

>I don't see any need to add the is_initial_auth_ok flag.  Either the auth
>method returns something that is not None (initial auth is OK), or it doesn't
>(initial auth is not OK).

I added this because test_smtplib itself expects some challenge/response even
for AUTH PLAIN.  I could have done more surgery on test_smtplib to avoid this,
but on thinking about it, I decided that it makes sense to allow for the
override.  smtplib is often used in test scenarios, so imagine testing an SMTP
server implementation.  To get full coverage you'd want to test both
initial-response and challenge/response even for auth methods like PLAIN.
Indeed, I've been thinking about writing an asyncio-based smtpd, and it would
be nice to be able to handle both cases without having to derive from class
SMTP and re-implementing auth_plain and auth_login.
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