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Date 2015-06-30.22:30:19
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On 01.07.2015 00:16, Min RK wrote:
>> Just because a feature can be misused doesn't make it a bad feature.
> That's fair. I'm just not aware of any uses of this feature that aren't misuses, hence the patch.

I don't remember the details of why this feature was added,
but can imagine that it was supposed to enable installation
of new importers via .pth files.

Without this feature it would not be possible to add entries to
sys.path via .pth files which can only be handled by non-standard

>> Perhaps you could submit a fix for this to the setuptools maintainers instead.
> Yes, that's definite the right thing to do, and in fact the first thing I did. It looks like that patch is likely to be merged; it is certainly much less disruptive. That's where I started, then I decided to bring it up to Python itself after reading up on the exploited feature, as it seemed to me like a feature with no use other than misuse.

Thanks, that's certainly a good way forward :-)
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