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Author Joshua.Harlow
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Date 2015-06-14.17:16:11
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It would be quite useful to have some types of metrics attached to future objects so that callers could use them for various activities (scheduling repeated runs, post-analysis and such):

Some of the ones that I can think would be useful:

- 'submitted_at' (when the callback was submitted to the executor responsible for executing it)
- 'started_at' (when the executor actually started executing the callback, which is typically sometime after it was submitted)
- 'finished_at' (when the executor finished calling the callback)
- elapsed [finished_at - started_at] (the elapsed runtime of the callback)

Do others feel this would be useful (if so I can put up some patches)? Right now getting this information is pretty hard to get at (since the executors that exist currently do not expose this information and it is quite hard to obtain it in a reliable manner).
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