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Date 2015-06-12.05:09:54
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Due to lack of Rietveld, comments in-line (? lines) below:

@@ -42,6 +42,24 @@ -q 3.x
+* The buildbot "console" interface at
+  (this link will take a while to load), which provides a summary view of all

? I think it can be assumed that most pages from will be slow to load :)
? Perhaps add that comment in the 'The Web interface...' paragraph above?

+  builders and all branches.  This works best on a wide, high resolution
+  monitor.  You can enter the your mercurial username ("your name

? s/the your/your/

+  <your@email>") in the 'personalized for' box in the upper right corner to see
+  the results just for changesets submitted by you.  Clicking on the colored
+  circles will allow you to open a new page containing whatever information
+  about that particular build is of interest to you.  You can also access
+  builder information by clicking on the builder status bubbles in the top
+  line.
+If you like IRC, having an irc client open to the #python-dev channel on

? Should 'irc' be capitalized? is useful.  If a build fails (and the previous build by the
+same builder did not) then a message is posted to the channel.  Likewise if a
+build passes when the previous one did not, a message is posted.  Keeping an

? I think this could be simplified to 'Any time a builder switches from passing
? to failing (or vice versa), a message is posted to the channel.'

? 'switches from passing to failing' is still a bit iffy, though. Maybe 
? 'fails a build after a successful build'?  Or a simpler 'switches from green to red'?
? That could be construed as color-blind-ist, though :)

+eye on the channel after pushing a changeset is a simple way to get notified
+that there is something you should look in to.
 Some buildbots are much faster than others.  Over time, you will learn which
 ones produce the quickest results after a build, and which ones take the
 longest time.

I had not used the console view before, that's pretty nice!
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