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Date 2015-06-10.16:49:22
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> I currently do isinstance(x, types.GeneratorType), which will fail if x
> is actually a GeneratorWrapper. I can change this to use
> when it exists, but then I'd have to have some
> conditional logic to switch between and types depending
> on what version I'm running on.

I originally planned to make the next Cython release patch the Generator
and Coroutine ABCs into, but I now think it would be worth
uploading an "abc_backports" package to PyPI instead that does that and on
which asyncio, tornado and other packages could simply depend with a

> It would be nice if that were
> encapsulated in inspect.isgenerator().

+1, code that needs exactly a generator, e.g. for "gi_running" and friends,
can still test for isinstance(obj, types.GeneratorType) in a completely
backwards compatible way, which is more explicit anyway.

> More generally, the inconsistency between isgenerator() and
> iscoroutine() is kind of odd. I would expect that either all inspect
> functions or none of them would use a suitable ABC if one exists.

Yes, it's odd. Either way would work ("types is for types only" vs. "types
includes protocols"), but having both disagree seems wrong.

I think the mere fact that there is a higher level function than
isinstance() suggests that it should really be more high level and not just
doing exactly the same for all times.
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